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Our Rewards Scheme - How it works

When you buy travel and holiday essentials through us (that's things like Airport Parking, Airport Lounges or Holiday Taxis) we’ll give you back all or part of the commission we receive from the supplier and convert that amount into 'Rewards Money'.

We then apply this to your customer account and you can use this to pay for insurance policies you buy from us in future, simple.

What this means is that if you purchase enough holiday extras through us you could end up getting your insurance for as little as £1.

You need to be registered and logged into our system before you purchase your holiday essentials otherwise we wont know who you are. If you need more information just get a travel insurance quote and enter your email address and details. You'll be sent a password and you can log into your account area where you will find full details of the scheme.

Get started with Airport Parking..

Get starteed with Car Hire Excess...


You can always leave the scheme if you like but if you wish to participate the small print is all right here...

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