Cancellation cover

Cancellation cover is usually included as standard in travel insurance policies and can provide a considerable benefit to those who are unable to travel once they have booked their holiday or need to cut their trip short, depending on the circumstances. On some policies you can choose to remove this section of cover if it is not required.

Usually there are different levels of cover that will provide different amounts of cancellation cover. The amount of cancellation cover you need generally depends on the cost of your holiday.

There are certain circumstances where you would be entitled to make a claim for cancellation or curtailment and these will be listed in your policy wording under the cancellation and curtailment section. All of which are 'evidence-based', in each case relevant records are required for proof which show the event happened and when. The section of cover purchased and claims section of the policy wording will confirm what documentation is required to support a claim.

Travel insurance can often be a last minute purchase. If you have booked a holiday in advance and plan on taking travel insurance out closer to the time of travel you will be at risk of loosing the money you have already paid towards your holiday. If you are already aware that you may need to cancel your holiday and you decide to take out travel insurance with the intention of making a claim your policy will be invalid. As soon as you have booked your holiday there is a risk that the trip will need to be cancelled and unless you have a travel insurance policy in place before the need for cancellation arises you are likely to be subject to cancellation charges from the holiday company which can be as much as 100% of what you have already paid.

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