Personal possessions

Baggage and personal possessions is usually included as standard in our travel insurance policies, however there is sometimes an option to remove this section of cover. Travel insurance is not designed to cover expensive items and if you are travelling with valuable or important items you should have specialised insurance to cover them separately.

The personal possessions section of the policy wording usually has a sub limit for each item or pair of items, and a total limit for valuable items. It is important that you are aware of what items will be covered as certain items are excluded, such as prescription glasses. You may also find that gadgets are not automatically included - but normally there is an option to include gadget cover at an additional premium.

In regards to baggage as a whole, it can sometimes be confusing as to whether it is your travel insurance provider or the airline that you would need to contact. For example, if your checked-in baggage is damaged or lost by an EU airline, you can make a claim to the airline within seven days. If your checked-in baggage is delayed, you can make a claim to the airline within 21 days of when you get your baggage back. For more information on this please see the EU travel regulations and your policy wording.

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