Travel Checklist

You may find our travel checklist helpful when planning your next trip abroad - whether it's a family holiday, relaxing couple getaway or travelling around the world.

This checklist is to help you prepare before you go and to stay safe while you are away. It is very important to your safety to check with your doctor or local travel clinic if you need any vaccinations or medications before you travel.

  • >> Travel and health
  • Before you purchase your insurance policy it is important to check what you will be covered for, and to check the policy wording if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

    Usually policies do not automatically include cover for pre-existing medical conditions; there may be an additional premium to pay or the policy may specifically exclude cover.

    Sports and hazardous activities are usually listed within the policy wording. Normally policies will automatically include some basic holiday sporting activities, however it is very important to check your policy as you may find some require an additional premium to pay for a range of activities, some of which you may be planning to do on your holiday.  Exclusions may also apply, alongside some activities which might have been specifically excluded.

    If you do not buy adequate travel insurance it could cost you a lot more if you are unfortunate to get into difficulties. Medical emergencies abroad become very expensive - especially if you need to be repatriated to the UK. Without adequate cover you may have to absorb these costs which can run into many thousands of pounds.

  • >> Travelling within the European Economic Area?
  • When visiting European Economic Area (EEA) countries, use of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC card) may entitle you to reduced or free medical care. Depending on the circumstances, as a policy holder you may not have an excess to pay when the EHIC is used.

  • >> Visas, passports and money
  • Telling your family or friends where you are going, what you will be doing and how long you will be away for will be useful if you get into difficulties while you are abroad.

    Visas / Vaccinations

    It is important that you have the correct visa and vaccinations / medications required for the places you are travelling to.


    * Check that your passport is still valid for a minimum of six months at your return date.

    * Make a note of your passport number, date and place of issue.

    * Make a photocopy of the last page to leave with family or friends.

    * Take photocopies of your passport and other important documents - keep these separate from the originals.

    * Keep your passport in the hotel safe and carry a photocopy with you.

    * Be sure to complete the emergency contact details in your passport.


    * Take enough money for your holiday and some back-up funds in a mix of cash and travellers cheques.

    * Make a note of the cheques’ numbers before you go.

    * Find out how your travellers cheques and credit cards can be replaced if lost.

    * Check the expiry dates of your credit cards before you travel and make a note of their numbers.

    * Take another form of photographic identification, eg. your driving license.

  • >> Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Usually your travel insurance policy excludes cover for those parts of countries where the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against travel, however it may continue to provide cover for parts of countries where the FCO considers travel to be generally trouble free and has not advised against travelling to.

    For more information:

    For foreign travel advice:

    If the situation changes while you are away you should contact your airline, tour operator or holiday company to arrange your return if necessary. You may also choose to contact the consulate who may be able to provide more advice. Regularly review the FCO website for travel advice.

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