Gadget cover

You may find that gadgets are not included within the personal possessions section of a policy. However there is usually an option to include gadget cover at an additional premium.

When you have included gadget cover it will provide cover for gadgets you are taking abroad with you when you travel. The gadget option will usually provide cover in the event of accidental damage, theft, malicious damage, loss and unauthorised call use. It is important to check the gadget section of your policy to see what it does cover you for and also any conditions and exclusions applicable.

Also, you may find the policy will define what they consider to be a gadget,  specifically listing gadgets within the definition. For example, “Gadget: MP3 Players, iPods, Smart Phones, DVD Players, iPads, Games Consoles, Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Mobile Phones, PDAs, Laptops, Bluetooth Headsets, Satellite Navigation Devices, E-Readers, Camera Lenses, In-Car Computers, Head / Ear Phones, Tablets.” meaning if the Gadget is not listed within their definition, it will not be covered under that section.

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