Areas of cover



Double check if the country or countries you're visiting are covered. Occasionally policies will not include some of the countries sometimes assumed to be classed as Europe. You may need to select a different area of cover if you want to be covered for your destination. The most common countries queried are Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt, so it is very important to you check your policy wording to see which area your destination would be covered under.


Insurers' interpretations of "worldwide" are a bit more straightforward. It won't include the whole world, but you'll find insurers are much clearer when giving you options for quotes. Often, you'll be asked if you want to include the USA, Canada and the Caribbean in your cover or not.

Don't presume you're covered for all countries in Europe or worldwide.  Make sure to check for any countries that are specifically excluded. As well as this, you should read the Government's 'Travel Advice By Country', which indicates those areas deemed unsafe and hence not covered by insurers as standard.

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